The Holistic Wellness Blueprint program.

... using data & intelligence to enhance wellness ...

Employee wellness has emerged as a crucial aspect of organisational success in today's fast-paced and high-stress work environments.

Recognising the significance of nurturing a healthy and thriving workforce, Wellness Seekers Academy introduces a ground breaking program called Holistic Wellness Blueprint.

This comprehensive employee and organisational wellness initiative is designed to optimise well-being through three integral steps.

1. Holistic Wellness Self-Assessment for Employees,
2. State of Wellness Reports for the Organisation
3. Report Presentation Session with the Wellness leaders.

Post the Report presentation, we can explore a potential engagement for designing and managing a sustainable Holistic Employee Wellness Program for your organisation.

Holistic Wellness Blueprint fosters a culture of well-being within organisations.

Holistic Wellness Assessment for employees.

At the core of Holistic Wellness Blueprint lies the Holistic Wellness Self-Assessment, a powerful tool that empowers employees to take charge of their well-being.

This assessment encompasses various dimensions of wellness, including physical, mental, emotional, and social aspects.

By allowing individuals to reflect on their current state of wellness, the self-assessment serves as a catalyst for positive change.

Employees are encouraged to assess their lifestyle choices, stress levels, work-life balance, and personal fulfilment, among other factors.

The result is a confidential personalised snapshot of their well-being, which aids them in identifying strengths, areas for improvement, and areas of potential risk.

  • Self-assessment for individuals
  • Basic version with 40 criteria
  • Advanced version with 120 criteria
  • Assessment across 8 Dimensions
  • Wellness scorecard for individuals
  • Score-based recommendations

State of Wellness Reports for the Organisation.

Building on the individual assessments, Wellness Seekers Academy provides organisations with comprehensive State of Wellness Reports.

These reports aggregate and analyse the data gathered from the holistic self-assessments of employees.

The reports offer valuable insights into the collective well-being of the workforce, highlighting patterns, trends, and areas of concern.

These reports present a comprehensive overview of employee wellness, and organisations gain a deeper understanding of the well-being landscape within their workforce.

The report uses parameters like Locations, Departments, Levels, Age-Groups, etc., to get a deeper understanding of the state of wellness across the organisation.

Armed with this knowledge, they can make informed decisions to enhance the overall health and productivity of their employees.

  • Identifies vulnerable areas
  • Analyse scores across 8 Dimensions
  • Customised parameters for analysis
  • Organisation Wellness Index
  • Locations, Departments, Levels, Age-groups, Gender based wellness scorecards

Presentation Session on the State of Wellness Report.

To bridge the gap between data and action, Holistic Wellness Blueprint includes a Presentation sessionon the State of Wellness Report.

This engaging session is conducted for the wellness leaders of the organisation, creating an opportunity for meaningful dialogue and collaboration.

Wellness Seekers Academy experts deliver a comprehensive overview of the report's findings, shedding light on key insights and recommendations.

By sharing this information with organisational leaders, the session aims to foster a shared understanding of the importance of employee wellness and galvanise support for further initiatives.

Together, leaders and wellness advocates can work towards creating a culture that prioritises well-being and embeds it into the organisational fabric.

  • Bridging data points to action points
  • Comprehensive overview of the State of Wellness Report
  • Engaged leadership involvement
  • Foster a shared understanding among wellness leaders
  • Cultivating a wellness culture

Explore Potential Engagements

for designing and managing sustainable holistic employee wellness program for your organisation.

The culmination of the Holistic Wellness Blueprint program lies in the engagement phase, where Wellness Seekers Academy collaborates with organisations to design and manage sustainable Holistic Employee Wellness Programs.

With a deep understanding of the organisation's unique context, goals, and challenges, the experts at Wellness Seekers Academy craft tailored programs that promote holistic well-being.

Drawing upon their expertise in wellness strategies, they devise initiatives that address the specific areas of improvement identified in the State of Wellness Reports.

These programs are designed to be sustainable, ensuring long-term commitment and impact on employee well-being.

Through ongoing management and evaluation, Wellness Seekers Academy continuously refines the program, adapting it to the evolving needs of the organisation and its employees.

  • Tailored programs for holistic well-being
  • Expertise in wellness strategies
  • Sustainable program design
  • Ongoing management & evaluation
  • Continuous improvement for employee well-being

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