An accomplished corporate leader, I have over three decades of experience in various industries, including holding leadership roles in several prominent organisations such as Microsoft Corporation, The World Bank, GIZ, Delhi Government, Crompton Greaves, the Sagem-Orga Smart Chip Joint Venture (SAFRAN).

In recent years, my focus has shifted towards holistic wellness, and I have developed a deep understanding of the unique challenges that employees face when it comes to maintaining their physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

I am skilled in creating and leading wellness initiatives that foster a culture of well-being, increase employee engagement, and improve overall organisational health.

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As an Employee Holistic Wellness Specialist, I have a passion for promoting and cultivating holistic wellness in the workplace. With over seven years of experience in employee wellness, my expertise lies in designing and implementing comprehensive wellness programs that address the needs of employees across all levels and departments.

The Employee Wellness Assessments and the State of Wellness Reports - created by me, enable organisations to measure and enhance the holistic wellness of their employees, ultimately creating a healthier and more productive workforce.

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My expertise in corporate leadership and holistic wellness allows me to help organisations achieve their employee wellness-related goals and objectives. I possess strong communication skills and the ability to collaborate with cross-functional teams to ensure the successful implementation of wellness programs.

Additionally, I have experience in conducting needs assessments, developing program strategies, and measuring program outcomes to continuously improve and refine the wellness initiatives.

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A strategy is defined as "a plan with the aim of realising long-term goals." I provide support in developing and implementing business strategies. My focus is on supporting private sector clients with the development of corporate, organisational or functional strategies in the following disciplines:

  • Corporate Strategy
  • Business Model Transformation
  • Organisational Strategy
  • Functional Strategy
  • Strategy & Operations
  • Digital Strategy
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Complex projects require sophisticated and experienced program management. Whether you're building a new PMO from the ground up or optimizing an existing PMO, my consulting philosophy is grounded in a belief that critical programs require oversight that achieves the right balance between strategic and tactical planning.

To address the complexity of multiple advanced programs, we work with your organization to address the following four essential elements:

  • Project Portfolio Management
  • Scorecard Development
  • Cross-Functional Alignment
  • Strategic Alignment and Communication
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Our wellness programs are the result of over 5 years of research and development on Holistic Wellness.

Our work addresses wellness needs of Individuals, Students, Employees, Institutions, Organisations, and States.

All our programs use our Wellness Indices - which measure wellness at an individual, organisational, community, or state level.

Each of the above address Holistic Wellness spanning the 8 Dimensions of Wellness which include managing Relationships, Emotions, Career, Money, Growth, Peace of Mind, etc.


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  • Social Safety Net - Delhi
  • PDS (Smart Card based Ration Cards) - Kerala
  • Social Security Disbursement - Goa
  • Women's Dairy Cooperative Management - Rajasthan
Transport Sector Image


  • Driving Licence Automation - Gujarat, Goa
  • Transport Department Automation - Madhya Pradesh, Sikkim
  • Excess Fare Train Ticketing - Mumbai

Defence Sector Image


  • Defence Canteens Automation Project (4000+ outlets) - All India
  • Dockyard Security, Time Management Automation - Vizag
  • Defence Clubs Automation - Various

Health Sector Image


  • Bhopal Memorial Hospital & Research Centre - MP
  • RSBY (Hospital Transaction Management System) - All India
  • (Medic) Multi Discipline Healthcare System for Doctors - Product
  • E C H S - Design
Banking Sector Image


  • Microfinance Platform - Private Bank
  • Electonic Purse Solution - Private Deployments
  • BankworkS for Banking Workshops - Private Portal
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  • Opium Farmers Crop management - Rajasthan, MP, & UP
  • Fishermen's ID - Gujarat
  • Borewell Sanitation - AP
  • The Wellness Initiative - Corporate Wellness

Key Milestones

  • Successfully architected and deployed more than 40 Statewide / Nationwide projects across multiple domains.
  • Conceptualised, Designed, Built and Implemented the World's Largest Retail Store Automation Project using Smart Cards covering 4000+ locations and all serving and retired Indian Defense Services personnel and their families.
  • Led many other major Smart Card projects such as the Gujarat Driving License (Worlds first Biometric enabled Smart card based DL), Madhya Pradesh Transport System, Goa Social Security Card, Sikkim transport, Gujarat Fishermen ID, Opium Cultivators project, etc which were pioneering projects of their kinds and were the first to use Biometrics for ID of the common man.
  • As the Technology Consultant for the Delhi Government from World Bank; I have architected a convergence framework that streamlines the delivery of State Welfare benefits to the underprivileged.

  • Part of the core technology team constituted by the Registrar General of India (RGI) for defining the smart card technology solutions for the MNIC National ID card.
  • Part of the core technology team constituted by NIC for defining the SCOSTA OS specifications.
  • Member of the International Jury for the Sesame Awards - CARTES-2014 Paris, CARTES-2013 Paris, CARTES-2012 Asia, CARTES-2012 Paris - the most prestigious Smart Card show worldwide.
  • Besides this, have also been instrumental in setting up a country-wide network of alliances and project operations offices for these projects.
  • Moderator of the Largest Smart Cards Group on LinkedIn which has more than 15,500 Smart Technologies professionals from around the world as members.


Articles & Whitepapers


  • Decoding Human Excellence
  • Harnessing Internet of Things in Rural India
  • The 8 Dimensions of Wellness - Handbook
  • Multiple articles on Mental Health & Wellness
Pro Bono Initiatives


  • IMPACTNOW - Initiatives that impact the Social Fabric
  • ASHRA - Accretion of Social Health & Rehabilitation Action
  • NFAC - National Forum for Action on Convergence
  • AWE - Association of Women Entrepreneurs
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